Step by Step Instructions for accessing DEC Intranet URLs from Home via the Portal

by Stu Hasic Sydney Region

Say you have been given a DEC Intranet URL like:
- this example is the URL to the Private and Secondary Employment Policy, and you'd like to access it at home. Here’s how:

1. Logon to the DEC Portal as normal.

2. Open a new tab in the same browser. Copy and Paste this URL below into the address bar, but don't press Enter;location=external&address=

3. Now copy & paste the DEC Intranet URL you want to the END of what you put in the address bar. There should be no spaces. eg.;location=external&address=

4. Then press Enter. If you end up with a blank screen, click Refresh.

It should work fine. You should then be able to browse to other linked Intranet sites as well.