Special Purpose Account Application form

What is a special purpose account?

To access at school you need to have you school's PAC address
http://pac.schools.nsw.edu.au/schools/school name-p.pac

Address above is for primary school
Include your school name where it has "school name".

Access the internet form home

If you receive the message:
you don’t have F5 plugin registered in IE.

You fix it by:

1. Right-clicking IE11 and choosing Ruin as Administrator.

2. Going to staff.det.nsw.edu.au

3. Clicking the Gear top right and choosing Compatibility mode

4. Adding det.nsw.edu.au to the list

5. Trying your portal link

6. Allowing the install of the plugin when prompted

7. If you are left with a white screen after this, press F5 to refresh the browser.

These steps work for Win 7 and Win 10 if everything else is OK.