Why do you need an avatar?

A good step that everyone with an online presence should take is to choose an image as their avatar. Many may think it’s not that important to have a picture, but it can actually make more difference than you realise.

A good avatar or social media photo should be memorable and distinguishable. This helps for personal identification; your PLN is a group of colleagues and having an avatar identifies you as you and as part of the group.

This picture should be used as your avatar on social media, blogs and websites, or at least your blog or website’s About Me page. In this way your expanding PLN will remember your avatar or image, and will relate that picture to you.

An avatar also relates to your human side (which is why it’s an option to post a real picture of yourself). Many people use an image, or some other representation of their personality that becomes identifiable online as them. This can be a safer option if you don't want your picture on the web.

Most sites explain how to place your avatar on their site (usually in the profile settings).

If you don't want to use a photo as an avatar, try this site for some fun ways to create an avatar. (via PLANE )

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