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STEM, drawn from the four disciplines of
Science (S), Technology (T), Engineering (E), and Mathematics (M) recognises the importance of this integration and its significance for Australia’s competitive future. These four disciplines are also referred to as the ‘Pillars of STEM’.
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are identified as essential areasFuture prosperity depends on students studying in and across these areas in order to foster scientific and technological developments.

Intel® Teach Elements

Intel® Teach Elements is a series of 4 free, interactive eLearning courses that can be taken anytime, anywhere. These compelling courses have been localised for Australia and provide deeper exploration of key 21st century learning concepts for all teachers.
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The learning tools selector is a new web application that supports teachers in making informed decisions about the technologies they use with their students.
Please tell your fellow teachers about this great new resource.
The learning tools selector has been developed by the department's Learning Design and Development team and more information about it is available here -


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​Internet Explorer remains a part of Windows for compatibility reasons, but it's been replaced by a brand-new browser, called Microsoft Edge .
The new browser will offer all of the amenities we've come to expect from modern browsers, including support for extensions, and a reading mode that strips websites down to their bare essentials.