Search Flickr, Google, OWL music, and BlipTV to find creative commons licensed media that you can legally use for free
Public domain and free stock images
Remember to provide credit
Choose "labelled for reuse"
Free images
Photo editor that enables the addition of text on pictures. A great way to provide credit to creators of images used.
A database of freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute.
Create a Wordle related to your booktrailer. Print screen, open in paint then select area to be saved as jpeg.

How to find music to include in your Book Trailer?

If you choose not to use Soundzabound or another royalty free site, you may not post your work on the web.
How to create your own Book Trailer?
1. View some of the best trailers on the Authors pages
  • Select a book
2. Decide on important story points
  • tone of the book, scary, suspenseful, futuristic, romantic - picture the setting and the characters
  • short, snappy text - What words might propel the trailer, text posed in the form of a question can work well
  • try a voiceover
3. Search for images and music on royalty-free sites
  • select music and sound effects
4. Use the right tool for the job
  • Animoto
  • Windows Movie Maker : remember to select "Finish Movie" . Once you select this option choose e-mail movie. Even if you do not plan on e-mailing you must save the movie with the correct file extension .wmv. If you have questions please ask for help or follow the tutorial!
  • Use PowerPoint then convert to video
  • Use ClipGenerator
5. Launch and promote
  • Does it make the viewer want to read the book?
  • Do the transitions make sense?
  • Do the graphics fit the tone of the book?
  • Does it grab attention?
  • How to make a book trailer
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