Setting the Boot Order for HP Elite 700 Desktops

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Error after a HDD replacement or on new devices.

This problem can be confirmed by the onsite Schools ICT Support team if they experience this error after a HDD replacement or on a new device by performing the following:


  1. 1. Ensure all external drives or USB drives are disconnected from the device before starting.
  2. 2. Press F8 when the error occurs (or after boot image has loaded) to open the Command Support Console
  3. 3. Type diskpart and press enter
  4. 4. Type list volume and press enter|

If there are no Volumes listed in the results (other than a DVD-ROM) then the HDD has not been formatted (or it could be faulty or not installed properly).

Once ICT School support staff know that there are no Partitions, they can confirm whether the HDD is installed

  1. 1. Type list disk and press enter
  2. 2. You should see Disk 0 listed, if not then there’s a hardware issue with the HDD

If hardware issue then follow normal Vendor support process providing all details.

Assuming that there is a drive installed, we can proceed to format it using the following commands (enter after each line):

IMPORTANT NOTE: The below process is destructive. If the below process is used on a drive with data, the data will be lost.

select disk 0


create partition primary

select partition 1


format fs=ntfs quick

If an error occurs with any of the commands then it points towards a likely hardware fault. Once the Drive has been successfully partitioned and formatted, close the Command Support Console and allow the Device to restart and it should then be able to go through the F12 Build process normally.

To get Internet access on PCs ( I can access the Portal and email etc but no other sites).

A device manager will need to add the proxy details into IE and it will work fine.

Alt-T for Tools menu. Internet Options. Connections.

LAN Settings. Use a Proxy Server (tick). Server: Port: 8080

To check the DNS settings that the laptops are using -

Start:run:cmd and they type ipconfig /all

Check the line that details the DNS setting.

For a windows network the DNS should be the Windows server.

.my new thinkpad is telling me I am running a non-genuine version....

If it's been commissioned and was previously activated,

you can force it to re-activate to the KMS by running:

slmgr.vbs /ato from a command prompt run as administrator.

Diagnosing Internet Issues / Resolving Bridge Loops - Flow Chart